The Holidays are over!

Now the Summer holidays are nearly over and it’s back to work and school for many. It is the time when new school uniforms are being bought, you are thinking of that new project at work.

As this time of year everyone is more business minded I think everyone should ask themselves the following questions:

Have I got my Will up to date? (Although with 60% of the population the question will be: It’s about time I put a Will in place!)

Have I got everything organised so that if anything happened to me my wife/husband is protected?

As I have assets in my sole name, should I put in place a Power of Attorney so that my wife/husband can deal with my affairs if necessary?

ALL of these questions have a solution, so ask yourself the question: WHY AM I NOT DOING IT!!

If you want to ensure that your family is protected now and into the future give me a call now. Don’t leave it too late and have your family ask WHY DID MY PARENTS NOT SORT THIS OUT!