Why do I need to make a Will? My family will get it anyway!

Many people say this to me, why should I make a Will? It will all go to my family anyway! This statement confirms the complete misunderstanding of many members of the public.

On death if there is no Will in place a person’s Estate will NOT NECESSARILY go to their family. If there is NO WILL an Estate will devolve in accordance with the Intestacy Rules.

Examples of situations of how the Intestacy Rules work include:
Even if part way through a divorce your soon to be exspouse could inherit!
If married with children your Estate will NOT go absolutely to your spouse!
Your Estate could go to family members you have not seen in years!
If unmarried your partner will have to make a claim against your Estate under the Inheritance Provision for Family & Dependents Act 1975!

To avoid all these and many more problems, the simple answer is to MAKE A WILL. In a validly drawn Will you can ensure:
Your wife/partner is protected!
Your children (even if not from your current relationship) are protected!
Your Estate will go to who you want it to go to!

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