Second Marriages and Powers of Attorney

I have many clients who are marrying for a second or even a third time. In such cases often both parties have their own separate assets which due to their family’s situation will stay separate.

Whilst many clients do put in place Wills to protect their children from the first marriage, and through Trust arrangements protect children from both their marriages. Often they don’t put in place Lasting Powers of Attorney to assist their families with dealing with their assets whilst they are alive!

I often say to clients that Wills are for when we die, but Lasting Powers of Attorney are “during life” documents.

In many cases a person will have their own assets, in their own name. If that person is ever incapacitated during their lifetime…. the only person who is legally allowed to deal with those assets is an Attorney. Or in the worse case a Court appointed Deputy.

If this situation describes you, please call me to discuss how Lasting Powers of Attorney could be the solution!