Revising your Will: Have you been putting it off?

Whilst you may have had some time off, now it’s time to sort things out at work and think of plans of what you will be doing for the next few weeks.

I always say if you are sorting things out at work, you should also sort things out in your personal life too! Lets’ be positive and do all the things you have been putting off! In sorting in out matters why not consider my list below?

• Have you sorted out your Will?
• If you did your Will a long time ago do you know what it means?
• When is the last time you had a look at your Will?

If your Will was done years ago and a copy is languishing in a dusty draw may I suggest the following: That you take it out of the draw and take a look at it!!

If you find out that your Will:
a) Refers to people who have died
b) Mentions your ex-husband/wife
c) Appoints Guardians for your children who are now teenagers
d) Appoints Executors you have not seen in years

Its time you did a new Will! If your life has really changed completely since you did your Will, it may even be invalid without you knowing it!

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