Declarations of Trust and Loan Agreements

Declarations of Trust & Loan Agreements Today with the high property market prices it is essential that buyers are protected. Few can afford to buy their first home and often need financial support from their parents. Many people now choose to club together to buy their first house. Work colleagues, friends and relations are now...

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Living Wills

Living Wills (Advance Decisions) What is an Advance Decision? These are documents often referred to as Living Wills. In basic terms they set out in advance what medical treatment is acceptable to you, should you ever be unable to explain this to the medical team treating you. Can I demand treatment? Or instruct a doctor...

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Letters of Wishes

Letters of Wishes These are letters that are placed with a person’s Will. Whilst such documents do not form part of the application for the Grant of Probate, they offer guidance to the Executors of the Estate. There are many reasons for putting a Letter of Wishes in place, some examples are given below: List...

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