Estate Administration

Estate Administration Upon death a deceased person’s Estate must be administered and Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration obtained. The debts and tax must be paid first after which the net assets must then be paid to those who are entitled. I’m not sure who is entitled under my mother’s Will? If...

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Guide to Estate Administration

Guide to Estate Administration Whether you are an Executor or Administrator you will be responsible to ensure that the Estate is correctly dealt with. Below are listed your responsibilities. What to do first Check if there is a Will or not, and ensure you know where the original is held Contact the Department of Work...

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Deeds of Variation

Deeds of Variation If a Will is not suitable upon a person’s death, the terms of it can be altered. Often Wills have never been reviewed and so have been written many years before a person dies. If all the people who are to benefit from the Will agree, the Estate can be varied. Reasons...

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