I want to make a Will

Also review our straightforward guide to making your Will.

What is a Will?

Wills are documents in which you dispose of your assets (your Estate) upon death. In a Will, personal items can be gifted and trusts set up. Gifts can be made to family friends and charity. If a Will is valid at date of death your Executors are appointed to ensure that your wishes are followed.

I have a Will, but I am not sure that it is valid

A Will should be clear as to the intentions of the Testator (the person who has made the Will). If a Will is unclear this may result in it being invalid. It is therefore essential to understand what your Will means, and if a change happens in your life you should always review your Will provision.

Do you need advice on making a Will?

Problems can arise when people do not make a Will, or have made a Will which is invalid. Only an expert can properly advise as to the validity of a Will. It is a legal document and needs proper consideration to ensure it is valid and can be relied upon.

If you do not currently have a Will, we can help you write your first Will. You might find our straightforward guide to making a Will useful. Read it here.

If you already have a Will, we are more than happy to review your current documents and advise you as to the best course of action. Give us a call on 01483 564833 or email us.