Letters of Wishes

These are letters that are placed with a person’s Will. Whilst such documents do not form part of the application for the Grant of Probate, they offer guidance to the Executors of the Estate.

There are many reasons for putting a Letter of Wishes in place, some examples are given below:

  • List of personal possessions to be gifted to family and friends
  • Explanation and guidance as to how a Trust is to operate
  • Reason as to why an individual has not been included
  • Explanation as to the appointment of Guardians
  • Wishes as to how a Discretionary Trust is to operate

These are just some of the most common situations where a Letter of Wishes would be put into place.

Any Letter of Wishes is tailored to your specific needs. We can draw this up when we take your instructions for your Will. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.